Force Controlled Cougar 3

The FCC-3 is the follow up of the FCC2, a force controlled modification for the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar.
Force Controlled means that the amount of movement of the plain in the sim is no longer dependant of the displacement of the stick,
but becomes dependant of the amount of force that is applied to the stick.

The amount of force, necessary to give full yaw or rudder is adjustable with the axis settings in Foxy and CCP.

The major differences between the old FCC2 and the FCC-3 are:
- Completely overhauled electronics, which gives better mechanical and temperature stability
- Pcb mechanically decoupled from the metal parts.
- Improved sensitivity and precision (as far as that was possible).

The FCC3 still uses:
- Real, high precision, straingauges, which increase reliability and sensitivity
- 2 straingages for x- and y-axis (4 in total). This gives increased temperature stability

Under normal conditions the FCC3 is virtually indestructable and as yet no FCC2 or FCC3 have been returned because of mechanical or electrical failure. It is a modification that will five you many years of high precision fun.

FCC-3 in Cougarbase (The nameplate is not part of the package)

FCC-3 in imitation stickbase

Update from the FCC2 to the FCC3 is possible. Contact me for info.


FCC-3 package

By fitting o-rings it is still possible to have centerplay.


Here you can see the FCC-2 mounted in Red Dog's pit during the Simware event in Brussels, october 2006. The base is made by Martin Schmidt from


Here are some Foxy graphics, drawn with the FCC-2.

If you want more information, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I am gladly willing to give more information.

You can also read Red Dog's review: FCC-2 review