This site gives an impression of my ongoing F16 pitbuilding activities.
and is the homebase for info about the AIC project (Aircore and Indicator Controller)
and Force Controller Cougar modification (FCC3).


Instruments update (april 2016)

I am working on an update of the tube instruments. They now have two pcbs with a flatcable connector to make it easier to mount them in tubes.

Here is a sample:

PCB update

I have updated the ICP and Caution panel pcbs. They now have a white solder mask to make the backlighting more diffused.



FCC3 update 9 march 2015

The future of FCC3 production is secured.

After a long search I have been able to source 1000 pcs of the Cougar centre connector, so I have enough connectors for the coming 50 years or so :)




Right console adaptor update 5 februari 2015

After request of some people I have developed an adaptor pcb that plugs into the Right console USB controller.

With this adaptor it is possible to connect the tube aircore pcb's to the right console controller.

The pcb is available in the webshop.








AIC lightboard update june 2014


I have developed a new Common Ground (High side driven) lightboard.

The new board has 32 short circuit proof outputs that can drive loads up to 40 volt, with a current of up to 1.5 Amps. Total load on all ports at the same time may not exceed 2.5 Amps.
The board also has separate outputs to drive 20 - 30mA leds, without current limiting resistor. Supply voltage for the leds can be in the range from 5.5 to 12 volt. Led outputs and normal outputs can be used at the same time.


Inertial Head Tracking

Update 11th november 2013

The IHT project has been stopped.
The main reason is callibration. In practice it seems nearly impossible to get the IHT operating for longer periodes, without drift.

No units will be sold until this isuue has been solved.


Update 17th november 2012

New pcb's are ready. First new proto assembled and tested.
It works :)

"Final" version:


Using state of the art electronics, like solid state magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscopes it is possible to make a 3 DOF headtracker that can work independantly. No camera or InfraRed needed!
On the picture you see a preliminary beta prototype of my inertial headtracker, bases on open source hard- and software.

IHT prototype

Software used is FaceTrackNoIR by Wim Vriend. Hardware is based on the freeIMU project from Fabio Varesano and Arduino.

Second prototype is in the making and will be shown here when ready.

The pcb will become available in the near future.

As of now tracking is limited to 3DOF. 6DOF will be possible using a webcam, but we are working on 6DOF with the same sensor board.



My pit

Here are some pictures of my homebrew F16 pit:

As such the products shown here are all "home made" and developed in close collaboration with:

Cars "Falcas" Burgers
Mike "Kabar" Williams
Olivier "Red Dog" Beaumont
Wouter "Ripley" van Raavens

If you are interested in the products or want more information, please feel free to contact me. A pricelist is available.